Why Study Cosmetology?

 Beauty Schools

Beauty schools are formal institutions that train students in the field of cosmetology, a concept that refers to the study of beauty treatments in different areas, from hairstyling and electrology to skin care and manicure. Beauty schools have been around for hundreds of years, and although most of them focus on hairstyling and make-up, many of them offer thorough training in the field of nail aesthetics – however, in spite of the large number of beauty schools available, it is essential to choose one that is licensed by the state where it is located. Although the length and price of the courses vary depending on the chosen specialty, hairstyling courses typically require 12 months to complete, although training in any other field can last anywhere from a couple of months to half a year – at the end of the training session, students will receive an Associate’s Degree in Cosmetology which will boost their chances of getting a job in the beauty industry.

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As you may know already, every single state in the US requires beauty professionals to have some form of qualification in the field where they operate, usually a license should be enough – in some cases, an apprenticeship may be enough for beauty specialists to be able to work in this industry, and at the end of the training they have to pass a written exam coupled with a practical exam, to demonstrate their abilities in cosmetology.

What Are The Most Common Beauty School Specialties?

Beauty schools offer specialized training programs in a wide array of different areas, especially hairstyling – to put it simple, the hairstylist is the beauty professional who cuts and styles hair, but it often happens that hairstyling services include coloring, straightening or hair extensions as well. Just like any other beauty professional, the hairstylist aims to help clients improve their looks or to style it for special occasions such as weddings: all hair professionals must be certified by the ABCH, which stands for the American Board of Certified Hairstylists, or National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences.

Estheticians, on the other hand, are also very sought-after by beauty salons nowadays, as it is their job to help clients maintain a beautiful, healthy, good-looking skin, and they often practice in spas, salons and specialized skin care clinics. In addition to treatments aimed to improve the texture and appearance of the facial skin, beauticians also perform various other beauty treatments, such as hair removal, massages, body treatments, consultations and most of them are also certified make up artists. Speaking of make-up artists, this is one of the most beautiful and best paid areas of cosmetology, and make up artists specialize in applying cosmetics to a person’s face – it is not uncommon for a make-up artist to specialize in a certain field, such as fashion make-up or bridal make-up.

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Last, but not least, nail technicians are also very popular as they perform manicures and pedicures and they can also style nails with the help of artificial or acrylic nails – moreover, most of them specialize in relaxing massages to the hand and feet.

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Specializing in Cosmetology

There are number of specialties that are offered by cosmetology schools. Depending on your specific skillset and inclinations, you can choose to graduate with a major in the following specialized areas:

  • Aesthetics – Esthetics – Skin Care
  • Barbering
  • Cosmetic Laser Technology
  • Cosmetology Teacher Training
  • Hair Styling
  • Nail Technology – Manicuring
  • Salon Management

Study cosmetology and become a beautician