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10 Reasons to Pursue a Cosmetology Career

10 Reasons to Pursue a Cosmetology Career

Here are the top reasons why you should pursue a Cosmetology Career:

You can Use your Talent Everywhere

Cosmetologists work all over the country. The licensing is different in every state but you will take your experience and skills with you.

There Is Creativity

The job of a cosmetologist is not boring and requires use of creativity at every step because makeup and hair styling needs skills. Each client is different so a cosmetologist can experiment with them.

The Schedule Is Flexible

Cosmetologists have flexible schedules. They can work part time, full time or on the weekend depending upon their choice as well as workplace rules.

The Income Is Good

Cosmetologists can make as much as $46,961. They can earn even more if they get good tips and bonuses.

The Environment Is Relaxed

The field of cosmetology is not very serious. It is fun but can be a little tiring as cosmetologists are on their feet all the time.

It Is Easy To Have Passion for the Job

A lot of cosmetologists love their job and are very passionate about it which makes it easy to get out of the bed and go to work each day.

You Can Work At Several Places

Cosmetologists work in a number of places like salons, parlors, health clubs, resorts, departmental stores, skin clinics, and barber shops.

The Schooling Period Is Short

It is possible to complete all the license requirements as well as the schooling within a few months.

The Paycheck Is Steady

Cosmetologists have clients all year long which ensure a steady paycheck.

There are Various Specializations

Cosmetologists can specialize in a number of things such as skin care, makeup, hair styling, nail art, etc.

Salary of a Cosmetologist

Salary of a Cosmetologist – If you want to pursue the field of cosmetology, it is very important that you learn about its job functions and salary. A cosmetologist provides services related to skin care, hair care as well as nail care. In order to work as a cosmetologist, one needs to have a license, for which each state has a different procedure. The salary of a cosmetologist depends on the field you specialize in, experience as well as the work arrangement.

Industry Wage

Around 90% of the cosmetologists work in salons and spas, and their average income is about $26,950. Cosmetologists who work in department stores can earn up to $20,240 per annum. The highest paid cosmetologists are in the film industry and can earn as much as $61,370 every year.

Location Wage

Wages of cosmetologists depend on the location they have done their degree and certifications from. Cosmetologists from Hawaii earn as much as $24,160 to $41,600 per year. On the other hand, cosmetologists from metropolitan areas earn around $43,010 per year. Oklahoma and Texas pay the lowest annual wage to a cosmetologist that is only $19,680 and $14,590 annually.

Largest Concentration

It has been seen that Pennsylvania has the largest number of cosmetologists working in the region. There are about 23,560 cosmetologists employed there that make up 6.5% of the total number of cosmetologists in the country. Cosmetologists account to 0.4% of the state’s workforce. A cosmetologist can earn around $23,040 per year. Ohio also has a large number of cosmetologists (around 0.6% of the total workforce of the region) and they have an annual income of around $24,160.


A lot of cosmetologists are self employed. Their salaries are highly dependent on commissions. If you open up your own salon then you get to set your own prices and purchase the necessary equipment and furniture.

Learing at Cosmetology Schools

A lot of people are pursuing the field of cosmetology due to the job opportunities and salary the field has to offer. There are so many institutes that are offering great courses about styling and grooming. The best about the field of cosmetology is its diversity. You get to learn everything from skin care to nail care to hair styling etc. After you have covered all the basics you can choose a field you want to specialize in.

Go online and research about good cosmetology schools that are reputable and have experienced teachers. Here are a few things that you will learn at a cosmetology school:

Sanitation and Basic Hygiene

Hygiene is very important in the field of cosmetology. Cosmetologists are taught how to keep the area and the tools clean as it shows how well kept a salon is.

Hair Cutting and Styling

Cosmetologists learn about different types of hair styles and how to give different types of hair cuts to both men and women. The basic job of a hair expert includes:

• Cutting
• Styling
• Coloring
• Bleaching
• Perming
• Rebonding
• Giving hair protein treatments

Skin Care and Makeup

Skin is the largest organ f the human body, which is why it is taught in so much detail. Cosmetologists learn about the different types of skins and how to take care of them. They learn things like facials, cleansing methods, manicures and pedicures. Other than this, cosmetologists also learn about makeup and how to apply it on clients.

Nail Care and Grooming

Cosmetologists are required to learn about nail care and its maintenance. Their main job includes giving hand massages, manicures, removing nail polish, applying nail polishes, filing nails an taking care of the cuticles.

Hair Removal Methods

As a cosmetologist you will be taught of different hair removal methods such as waxing, plucking, threading and shaving.

Use and Care of Tools

You will be required to use different instruments and how to take care of them.

In addition to all this you will be required to learn about basic skin diseases, basic human anatomy and physiology. Make sure you enroll yourself in one of the reputable and accredited schools.

All You Need To Know About Cosmetology Nail Schools

Cosmetology Nail Schools – If you are thinking about pursuing a career in the field of cosmetology then you can consider going to a nail school and get a nail license. More and more nail technicians are now being employed by a lot of beauty salons and spas.


A lot of manicurists are professionally trained. It is important that you find out what the requirements are in your state as they vary. The minimum age to get into programs is usually 16 and candidates are required to have at least a high school diploma or a GED. Nail programs educate students about nail art, care and repair. A lot of programs even cover basic skin and nail diseases and teach students about safe practice, sanitation, and anatomy of the limbs. Such programs are offered in cosmetology schools, vocational schools, and community colleges.

What You Will Learn

The advantage of going to beauty schools is that students learn the basics of other fields of cosmetology as well such as hair styling, skin care, etc. However, the main focus of the program is on nails. A lot of schools offer classes as well as practical training. All this helps in learning new skills, which allows one in getting the license.

Training Hours

A lot of beauty schools require 1500 hours of training. This is usually done over a one year period if the student is full time and one and a half year for part time students who have other jobs. In order to get a nail license, one has to get the certificate from an accredited beauty school.


Duties of a manicure specialist include preparing clients for manicure by removing old nail polish, buff and file the nails, trim cuticles, scrubbing hands with scrubs to remove dead skin cells and using lotions to massage the hands. Manicure specialists work with cuticle knives, scissors, filers, and nippers, and thus have to be very careful.

All about Hairstyling

Hairstyling is a necessary skill that every cosmetologist must learn. There are several opportunities for hair stylists to sharpen their skills and earn a lot of money. In order to begin a career as a hair stylist, one needs to get the training and certification first. Here is how you can begin:

Start As An Apprentice

When you become an apprentice you get a chance to learn practical work that no theory can teach you. Not only will you learn the skills, techniques and fundamentals but you will also get a chance to use them. Apprentices are available for individuals who are above the age of 18. You will be required to work in salons and will be given a schedule.

Vocational Certification

Get enrolled in a certification school at a certified school so that you can complete the degree requirement. There are several schools that that offer such courses. These courses can be of two to four years. Check your local collages for further information.

Hairstyling Classes

There are several institutes that give hair styling classes. Join one of these classes to learn the art and practice it. By practicing there you will know for sure whether you want to pursue the profession or not.

Advantages of Learning Hairstyling

• You will always be in business. Men get regular haircuts so you can expect some clients to visit you again and again if your work is good.
• Hairstyling includes haircutting, shampooing, hair treatments, dying, perm, blow drying etc. You can earn a lot of money through this.
• The pay is really good.
• The work never gets boring as hair styling is an art and you can keep experimenting and come up with something better.
• There is no monotony in the job as you will meet different people every day.

Know the pros and cons of being a hairstylist. You need to have a lot of focus and will have to work hard. Since you will interacting with clients all day there will be times when you will face challenges. Do a thorough research and then decide whether you want to be in the field or not. It may require a lot of work but it is worth it in the end.