Salary of a Cosmetologist

Salary of a Cosmetologist – If you want to pursue the field of cosmetology, it is very important that you learn about its job functions and salary. A cosmetologist provides services related to skin care, hair care as well as nail care. In order to work as a cosmetologist, one needs to have a license, for which each state has a different procedure. The salary of a cosmetologist depends on the field you specialize in, experience as well as the work arrangement.

Industry Wage

Around 90% of the cosmetologists work in salons and spas, and their average income is about $26,950. Cosmetologists who work in department stores can earn up to $20,240 per annum. The highest paid cosmetologists are in the film industry and can earn as much as $61,370 every year.

Location Wage

Wages of cosmetologists depend on the location they have done their degree and certifications from. Cosmetologists from Hawaii earn as much as $24,160 to $41,600 per year. On the other hand, cosmetologists from metropolitan areas earn around $43,010 per year. Oklahoma and Texas pay the lowest annual wage to a cosmetologist that is only $19,680 and $14,590 annually.

Largest Concentration

It has been seen that Pennsylvania has the largest number of cosmetologists working in the region. There are about 23,560 cosmetologists employed there that make up 6.5% of the total number of cosmetologists in the country. Cosmetologists account to 0.4% of the state’s workforce. A cosmetologist can earn around $23,040 per year. Ohio also has a large number of cosmetologists (around 0.6% of the total workforce of the region) and they have an annual income of around $24,160.


A lot of cosmetologists are self employed. Their salaries are highly dependent on commissions. If you open up your own salon then you get to set your own prices and purchase the necessary equipment and furniture.

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